As a learner, the lectures or instructors give you assignments to write down, research papers, essays, term papers, proposals, and other writings. There are plenty of students who can write these papers. They can accurately articulate them. However, students cannot bring up the right kind of work that is suitable for someone to read. The type of creative writing is very much different from technical writing. And someone who says that he is an excellent writer must know the difference between the two kinds of writing. 

There are many articles on various topics online that you can access to improve your essay writing skills. Or you may be that upcoming writer who wants to join the world of freelancing, so you need to make extra cash. You can visit some essay writing websites that you can learn the skills of essay writing. It will also help you to have some competition with the professional writers. 

There are some skills that we will give you that will help to elevate your skills of writing. Below are the tips. There are very many things that you as an individual should out their focus on when making an essay. At a certain point in life, you will need this writing skill because writing is not for some departments and certain areas like saying science or arts sector.

  • Term papers and academic papers;
  • Application essays for schools;
  • Resumes;
  • Dissertations, books, and thesis;
  • Business conferences;
  • Marketing pitches and sales, journalistic pieces, and reports.

The critical technique and skill that you need are to be able to put your words on paper. It will act as your voice in writing form. Writing with your voice is very crucial, and every writer must know this. Readers, school professors, and editors, in general terms, go through a lot of work. That is to say; they read a lot of people’s essays in a short time. So the reading becomes more tedious and monotonous. If you are writing work that is not unique, why should those individuals continue to read your work? What is that thing that makes the professor have the interest to read another person’s work but not yours? It is because your work doesn’t have that uniqueness and originality. It helps in distinguishing the writing voices of different writers. 

As someone who is just learning to write, you must have an original voice or unique voice that will distinguish you from other writers. It will help you to create a path for your future writing skills. If you don’t look for a unique voice, your work will not be as interesting as professional writers. In other words, your work will be very boring and ambiguous. It also means that you may copy or plagiarize someone else’s work in the next writings you will make.

Another point that you have to note is that you must have the interest to read widely and research when you are exploring the area of writing. It will look hard for you to bring up ideas that you need in your essay. When you get different kinds of writing and read them, you will have the ability to articulate the words you need for your article.


Another way you can develop an excellent essay is by getting a topic that you so much have an interest in.

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