The current job market is in shambles and it seems like things aren’t going to get better anytime soon. Many graduates coming out of universities are finding it harder and harder to get formal employment in their fields of study; this has made many people look for more creative ways of earning money. One such way is working as a freelance writer. Still, although the idea of freelancing is quite widespread, the thinking that many people have about the field is rather misguided. Contrary to what many people think, freelancing isn’t necessarily staying in your pajamas all day and binging your favorite show as you tap on your keyboard. In fact, many freelancers can attest that it is one of the most demanding industries because your productivity is expected to be optimal even in distractive remote working stations like a typical t home.

Even so, if you’re passionate about becoming a freelance writer, there are certain factors that you should consider before you begin your career. When this crucial information is properly utilized, it can provide the much-needed boost to catapult you to success. To help you get ahead, here a few things to consider when you’re beginning your career as a freelance writer.

Getting Paid

If you really want to be a successful freelancer, you need to approach the craft as an occupation and not a hobby. This means that your first goal is to find jobs that put money in your pockets; after all, you can’t really work if the lights aren’t on. To help you find the right direction, here are a few places to find paying freelance writing gigs.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Work

Job Boards

This is where many freelances get writing jobs. Job boards are platforms that connect clients to writers and other professionals by compiling a list of jobs from across the internet and allowing freelancers to bid on them. Although this exposes you to many opportunities, job boards aren’t exclusive to a particular niche; thus, they’re not suitable for those who’ve specialized in a selected field.

Freelance Websites

If you’re just getting into the freelance business, using freelancing websites such as Freelancer and iWriter can be quite beneficial for building a portfolio and gaining experience. They provide a platform where jobs are posted and interested parties bud in them. A great aspect of such websites is the fact that payments are processed and verified within the platform, hence making it easier and safer for both freelancers and their clients.

Cold Pitching and Interviews

Freelancing isn’t limited to the internet alone; you can also find great opportunities when you pitch ideas and attend writing interviews. This is mainly prevalent in jobs that are associated with feature articles in magazines as well as guest posting on websites. This process requires patience and persistence since you may be required to do multiple pitches before landing a gig.


There’s certainly a lot that goes into becoming a successful freelancer; still, how you choose to kick off your career is pivotal. Although there isn’t a specific formula that can work for all freelancers, keeping the tips provided above in mind when starting out can help you get the most out of this profession.