Writing is a skill that not all people are good at; some are very successful in the writing career. They are like machines. And there those who seem to find nothing interesting with writing. Writing an excellent essay doesn’t come easy. It requires one to invest his time in writing. Once you are not doing well at writing, it is not like the whole world has left you behind. It is just that you need more guidance to learn how to be a professional writer. Writing doesn’t come in an instant, but it is a process. It is a skill that comes with time. For this reason, we will look at the tips that will help you with your writing problem.


Before beginning an essay, you must first figure out the topic of your essay. There is what writers call ‘the writer’s block.’ It happens to those writers who do not have what to write about. Writer’s block not only happens to people with nothing to say but also to those who have plenty to say. There is no way you put most of your thoughts into writing and expect yourself to bring something more comprehensive. It usually happens when you are writing for an assignment in a school. When you put almost all the reasons you have in your mind, it will not focus your writing.

Preparation of facts

You can’t just begin to write anything. First, you have to look for facts that relate to the topic. It means that you must do personal research so that you know what you are going to write. The facts that you research must be in line with the topic. Make sure you get information, and you will know what you want to put in your essay. And the information that you want to leave out. Before you even begin to write, scribble down some notes. It will help you remember what you will write and how you will back up your points.

Creating a structure

Every writing you are going to make requires you to have at least a guideline that you will follow. This guideline is also called a structure. It can inform the structure of a question-and-answer approach or be in the form of narratives. You will need to have a structure because it will guide you in what you are going to write. It will help you to keep within the topic range. You will not go off-topic. The structure doesn’t have to be so formal. You know there is that tendency to make your look in order so that you follow easily.

Eliminate distractions

It is one area that most writers should work on. Switching off your mobile devices, turning off notifications. These are the things that lead to procrastination. A lot of distractions hinder you from making yourself perfect. And also, it will delay you hence you can even miss the deadline. You should have undivided attention.


Beginner writers have to know that writing is a process, so they have to develop patience.

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