Art Director

Art Director

Acolyte Resource Group hiring in Chennai

Acolyte was founded in a backpacker internet café in Mahabalipuram, southern India, in 2010 by ex-KPMG chartered accountant Alastair Gorton We are the world's first recruitment service that combines the human face of a recruitment agency with a unique, fully transparent research platform Acolyte enriches the recruitment experience, allowing a full understanding of the talent pools available and focus to be on engaging with your next generation of staff An award winning global company, Acolyte has over 20 years' experience at the world's largest advisory firms and staffing agencies, with offices in London and Chennai As well as our Talent Acquisition services, Acolyte has significant pedigree in Financial Process Outsourcing, Market Research and Social Media Services

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Art Director

Job Description
The Art director will interface with the client, understand the client brief and their expectation
They will lead the team through the assignment and ensure project timeliness are met
Develop innovative ideas, techniques to minimize operational time and plug in best practices
Ensure that the delivered products or services adhere to the policies and standards of the company
Delegate job responsibilities to appropriate personnel to ensure completion
Work collaboratively with the client from inception to completion of the project
Train and mentor team members
Liaison with cross functional teams
Skills and experience necessary for this role:
Client interfacing ability with confidence
Excellent creative and innovative skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
Strong project management, delegation and organizational skills
Strong interpersonal skills and effective relationship and team building capacity
Ability to create best practices in technology, usability and user experience
Ability to use strong analytical and artistic approach to solve complex issues
Ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize different tasks