zerozilla pvt ltd

Zero Zilla was founded in 2010 with a vision of helping our clients interests and to create value through our knowledge as one of the best job consultancy in bangalore. We focus on finding the top level professionals and placing them to help our clients globally. We, at ZeroZilla believe we are company for the people, of the people and from the people. We believe in the empowerment of people and in creating leaders from employees, and help companies soar in their businesses. We are firm believers of having a long-term association with our clients, our employees, and our partners. We want our clients, our partners and our employees to benefit, flourish with our extensive knowledge, our methodologies and our effective solutions and strategies. We pride ourselves in our organizational skills and extensive knowledge in the IT sector. We want our clients to feel secure with us, our employees to feel there is growth. We just want to grow together.