A majority of freelance writers can attest that the allure which surrounds the craft is quite misguided; when it comes to this particular field, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. What most people aren’t usually exposed to with regards to the writing profession is that it’s a perpetual moil. In order for you to be a successful writer, you need to dedicate time, focus, and energy to your work.

Thus, before quitting your day job because of a few generic writing gigs you might have landed, you should consider whether the craft can completely sustain you and your dependents. Although writing can be lucrative, you can only reach the pinnacle of your writing career when you go about it correctly. Here are a few tips that can aid you in achieving professional success.

Avoid “Bad” Work

One of the most primary responsibilities everyone has is paying bills; therefore, it’s quite understandable for novice writers to jump on the first paying jobs they find. However, every writer has to identify which paying jobs are worth doing and those that are worth turning down. This is because some projects are too demanding and end up killing your ambition. Work that has tight deadlines ends up eating away all your free time, not to mention deprive you of your precious slumber. Some clients are also a pain in the neck to deal with; however, if you pay close attention when engaging with customers, you can easily point out a bad one. Therefore, it’s important that every writer should steer clear of such soul-sucking gigs which can be rather detrimental to your career.

Get Paid First

When it comes to freelance writing, your cash flow should dominate all your decisions. Having skills is one thing, but that amounts to nothing if you can’t keep the lights on. What bothers many beginners is the uncertainty they face on their preliminary days. An option to beat this deadlock is finding jobs using the most common method known to freelancers, using job boards. Still, this method has its fair share of setbacks. For instance, most jobs usually offer low pay and the work is mostly generic and commodified; thus, they don’t offer much flexibility. The best thing would be to look for jobs that present you as a professional and not a casual worker.


This is one aspect of writing that many budding freelance writers fail at. While writing on various niches is a great way to generate revenue from a number of clients, it holds you back from fully attaining your profitability potential. You can get the most out of your writing career when you combine the craft with something you’re already passionate about. If you stick to a general writing style, you’re most likely going to burn out very quickly. Specializing will assist you in leveraging your strengths which will go a long way in making you earn a lucrative living through writing.


Contrary to what many people think, you need a lot more than just skills in order to become successful in the online writing scene. Still, by utilizing the information presented above, you’ll be able to maneuver through the hurdles of freelance writing a lot better.

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