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Why Pxljobs for you?

We believe in making your PORTFOLIO your JOB. is a user-friendly and secure job service provider. A comprehensive listings of creative jobs for both permanent positions and freelancers are available across industries and locations. Job aspirants can use our hiring platform to design portfolios instantly and publish effortlessly. The portfolios assist candidates to exhibit their skills and make a niche in the creative world. Using the enhanced sorting and searching mechanisms, job seekers can explore various job listings from renowned organizations that match their search criteria. We support you to initiate a prosperous profession in the creative space.

Few Features

Portfolio & Anlytics Driven

Create detailed portfolios using simple portfolio designer tool.

Portfolio & Anlytics Driven

Tailored dashboards displaying facts such as KPIs of your profile, recommended jobs, profile visibility status, and various valuable information.

Portfolio & Anlytics Driven

Connect to prominent creative organizations.

Portfolio & Anlytics Driven

Receive auto personalized job notifications matching your preferences by Email.