Why pxljobs?

With the proliferation of creative talent, it has become a great challenge to identify the right resource for a specific profile. Pxljobs.com is India's best and the only portfolio-driven creative hiring platform. The sole goal of Pxljobs.com is to provide prosperous careers to the aspirants in the creative domain and efficient hiring platform for recruiters across territories and different industry verticals. We assist the employers to hire the creative talent that best suits their requirements. Our portal comprises of an extensive portfolio bank of creative specialists from various spheres like UI/UX design, Graphics, Gaming, Animation, Writing, Fashion, Photography, VFX and so on.

PxlJobs is an efficient customer-centric online recruitment portal where creative brains from different domains can showcase their portfolios. Using the features of our portal, creative professionals can design their enriched portfolios to attract potential employers. The user-friendly design of PxlJobs enables both the job-seekers and the employers to find relevant matching expertise effortlessly. We guide you to carve the road to a successful beginning of a flourishing career in the creative world!



Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO


The platform helped us to find the right designer resource with minimal effort. Thank you pxljobs!

Mr. Jisso Jose


Totient Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are able to hire best talent for our new studio. We are happy on the support we recevied

Mr. Kiran



We got the right vfx talent from pxljobs.com. Very interesting platform, actually reduces our effort

Mr. Jacob

HR Manager