Zymr Systems Pvt. Ltd.

At Zymr, we start with your domain-specific core, wrap it in open source economics, tie it together with layers of manageability, skin it with UX driven dashboards and smoothly float it on your cloud. Our artisanal approach to solution-ing promises to provide you cloud scale and velocity; with UX driven finesse that will surely delight your end customers. Zymr integrates Cloud and Mobility competencies to offer a one-stop technology partner for modern enterprises. We partner with your existing teams to help complete your solution landscape around your core initiatives to add innovative features such as: - Cloud Apps- SaaS, e-Commerce - Cloud Management - System Management, EMS, NMS, ITSM - Wi-Fi and SDN solutions - Datacenter Management - Web and Mobile Apps with executive dashboards - Big Data orchestration and reporting - Enterprise Gamification Zymr has invested in building several original Technology Accelerators that enable you to reduce time to market and access the unbounded sophistication of curated open-source cloud technologies in reusable bundles. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with additional development centers in Canada and India, our veteran leaders have spent decades on both sides of the technology service ecosystem and offer hardened intuition to augment your decision making. High detail craftsmanship, effortless scale, a deep partnership and beautiful execution-we are proud to welcome you to the Zymr way.