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Workforce Associates is an executive search and headhunting company based out of Chandigarh, India, offering professional services to employers across varied domains in recruiting the best fit talent. We at Workforce Associates offer complete Human resource solution including but not limited to Permanent Staffing, Head Hunting, Temporary Staffing, Payroll Procession, Training & Development Programs, Statutory Compliances, Attendance Management and HR Surveys. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in the field of recruitment on behalf of our clients, whilst at the same time having our highly-skilled recruitment team that work together with all levels of staff across a selection of different divisions. For the optimum use of human resource, it is essential to understand the relation between people, places and environment. We understand that the role of recruitment consultants becomes very important since, in today's demanding job market, it is very important to understand the requirements of the employers and the prospect candidates and co-relate them with each other. Our Executive Search & Selection offers a professional and confidential executive search capability to clients and candidates. We, through our intense study, knowledge and experience, are able to understand and provide superior quality HR Services to our clients.