Vipra Dialogues

Write a script and figure out the best way to interpret its message for public entertainment or education and learning. Plan pre-production - check the script for any errors and/or inconsistencies and prepare estimated running times. They develop story synopses and character breakdowns. They check the shooting schedule to ensure that the required scenes will be shot and covered from all required angles, distances, etc. They attend recces and pre-production meetings to feed back any identified issues. During rehearsals they record detailed timings which inform the shooting schedule. Coordinate and supervise the work of the camera, lighting and sound crews. Provides detailed details and cost estimates to Production Other/Special Requirements Exceptional abilities of observation Stamina to remain alert and focused during long shooting days Good sense of visual composition, perspective and movement Outstanding organisational skills and a practical approach to work Be able to think on your feet and respond quickly to changing circumstances Good interaction skills and show diplomacy and sensitivity when working with artists and crew Ability to lead projects from concept to completion - to collaborate and work as part of a team Ability to supervise and train employees, to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments Your working hours on a shoot would often be long and irregular according to the production's needs, and may include evenings and weekends.