UI UX Designer

UI UX Designer

ColorTokens Inc. hiring in Bangalore

ColorTokens is a stealth-mode Silicon Valley company pioneering software-defined cybersecurity solutions.

2+ Years
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UI UX Designer

Job Description
Primary Job Responsibilities :

  • Illustrate drive for ease-of-use and simplicity.
  • Can define and implement design criteria, design guidelines, and design specs; illustrate experience with industry standards and corporate visual design guidelines.
  • Be capable of independent design process, project, and schedule management.
  • Illustrate experience in conceptual development and creative prototypes as well as tactical UI design and implementation.
  • Be a creative problem-solver and an effective communicator, presenter, and negotiator
  • Be efficient and insightful in dealing with peers, partners, and cross-discipline and cross-team relationships.
  • Exhibit ability to collaborate with a broad set of cross-functional and cross-company collaborators.
  • Experience in working with geographically distributed development teams is a plus.
  • Be tolerant of range of projects, from vague to well-defined, simple to complex, implementation to innovation.

Job Requirements :

  • Must have strong portfolio available for viewing.
  • 2-5 years of experience, more experience is a plus.
  • Strong prototyping, iconography, visual and mockup skills.
  • Experience with major operating system software and their UX guidelines.
  • Very organized and able to manage multiple projects.
  • Knowledge of usability principles and techniques.
  • Current knowledge of UI Design strategies and trends across software, web, and mobile platforms.