Top Syringe Mfg Co (P) Ltd.

Top Syringe has its manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Mumbai. We are also making a number of products used in the medical and in laboratory field primarily based on glass tube conversion. Besides manufacturing Glass Syringes in All glass, Luer Lock and Metal tip syringes we are ow manufacturing syringes used in Industrial syringes, Anaesthetic kits, Speciality medical syringes, Veterinary products, syringes used in filling machines to name a few. A new line of Chromatography products is introduced recently wherein we manufacture various type of vials and inserts and also the liners used with them. Many of are tailor made for use in specific instruments. Of our standard products we manufacture products used in pathology lab for blood testing, ESR products, Micro capillaries, PCR, Pipettes etc. Repititive Dispensing Dispenser. The range of Liquid handling products are now re-organised for easy identification of customers products include repititive dispensing devices using our glass syringes, products based on Micro pipettes including positive displacement.