Shibsi Technologies

Shibsi Technologies - A company that provides different business verticals such as Website Design & Development, Software Development, Infrastructure Management Services, ERP, Consulting, Staffing and Payroll Management Services registered under MSME, Govt. Of India - UAN : TN02D0013753. We are an emerging company in various verticals and we wish many companies should be benefitted in terms of earning profit, enhance access to critical information and operations that are more competent. With respect to quality of service and support which are crucial part in terms of website design, development, software development, infrastructure management services, ERP, consulting, staffing and payroll management services – both during implementation and over time for customer satisfaction and retention. High level of service can be more expensive and that is the reason we provide our clients the tools for right level of service at the reasonable cost. We let our clients and customers track and manage enhancement request with a closed loop corrective action process integrated with support and service.