OrthoHeal Pvt Ltd

OrthoHeal is a MedTech start-up based in Gujarat State of India, found by IIT graduates. The objective of this company is to satisfy unmet needs in healthcare especially in orthopedics by providing robust unique health-tech solutions. Company’s mission is to provide up to the mark products with new designs, technology and innovations. FlexiOH™ is one such technology. It is an alternative of Conventional cast Immobilization (Plaster of Paris and Glass fiber cast) and has several advantages over them. At OrthoHeal, we are developing and commercializing revolutionary cast immobilization technology,FlexiOH, for musculo-skeletal injuries. FlexiOH is the cast that is breathable, Washable and Lightweight unlike conventional casts i.e. Plaster of Paris Cast, Glass-fiber cast. FlexiOH gives ultimate comfort while being rigid enough to immobilize bone/joints like conventional cast.