Moppet Animation Studio

Moppet Animation Studio is a collective collaboration of Art and Technology setup by Ruturaj Arolkar who has over 15 years of Animation Production experience at both artist and management level. Moppet is set in the serene state of Goa that has been the main catalyst for our creative drive. Spread over 5000 Sq.ft area, Moppet began it’s journey in a small way in 2012 picking up unique and interesting projects that required thinking out of the box for execution. International Software Giants SAP chose us to deliver for their new product launch which paved our way and helped us get noticed. Here at Moppet every project is chosen on two merits, one is the challenge that a project presents to help us push our creative and intellectual boundaries and the second is the development and progress of our technology pipeline. Moppet Animation Studio is a subsidiary of Animation and Art School Goa Pvt. Ltd.