Groundzero Creative

After being in advertising for a longtime we realized that the one thing that hadn’t changed was that a good story still captures people’s attention, no matter how or where it is heard or seen. Yes, the Internet has changed the way people buy or sell and view and respond to brand messages. But a sound media strategy combined with good creative story telling can still draw consumers. If there is one thing an advertising agency has to do and do it well, it is to know how to take a great product or service, weave a good tale around it and that’s what we do. Who we are We are a full-service micro-agency with a shared, multi-disciplinary approach. We provide our clients with ideas that add to their brand’s value, creating powerful concepts that starts conversations and positive actions wherever they are seen. We are able to bring a unique focus on the quality of thinking and creative execution that sets us apart. Why we’re different We focus on delivering results. We do this by collectively putting creative and strategy together in a room and brainstorming to come up with the best solution. By getting intimately involved from brief to strategy, and creative to execution, we build your brand’s presence. Lean teams, faster turnaround and higher quality of service and creative. That’s our difference.