Dreams Creation Private Limited

DREAMS - Where fantasy becomes fantastic! Prompted by the magnificent world of imagination, we venture to create animation that touches the heart. Ours is a team which makes outstanding efforts to surpass the difference between realism and imagination. We at DREAMS, not just value your thoughts but also every exaggeration, every impossibility, every out-of-the box kind of elements attached to it. In fact we love them and we take inspiration from them. To enlighten the young minds in a beautiful and playful manner is a matter of immense pleasure. Proud to carry on that legacy with all perfection for about a decade. But that’s just how the story begins! What the team strongly believes is there is always a scope to explore more, to create something new and to reach the world of unreachable... Riding on wheels of animation, let’s take a tour to the magical world, to the mythical world, to the miraculous world and sometimes to the mysterious world.