Cvent India Pvt. Ltd

Cvent is a 1,900+ employee company headquartered at Washington D.C., out of which 850+ employees are based out of our Gurgaon office. Cvent just raised 136 million US dollars in funding, making it the ""Biggest U.S. Software funding deal since 2007"" according to the Wall Street Journal, July 2011. We are the only major company in our industry that is debt-free and consistently profitable. Along with a strong customer base of Fortune 500 companies, Cvent is growing further with over 10,000 current customers and a captive unit setup in Gurgaon, India. We believe in investing in our employees and have been successful in maintaining an attrition rate of about 10%. Cvent has the highest ratio in cross country travel across the NCR, with 25% of our Indian employees having already been to the US for further training.